The Power of our Purchase — We have more power than we think

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Feeling helpless and overwhelmed can be crippling and these are feelings that come and go regularly when considering the health of our planet, its future, and the hopelessness of the situation. Throughout the pandemic, words, images, and videos have been shared detailing how planet Earth is healing as a result of the pause placed on our activities. …

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Confronting adversity, dealing with significant change, handling those inner voices, and learning to be OK when things are just OK or not OK at all.

March 2020; the time when your industry comes to a complete standstill. It’s now February 2021, and a lot has happened in between. …

Contributions made by MICE programmes

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Having just returned from a week’s getaway on Ireland’s West Coast where I had the opportunity to really unwind, appreciate the natural beauty that surrounded me, embrace the destination experience and ponder on the content of instalment six of this series, I feel a renewed positivity for the industry so on this day September 22nd 2020, here are three thoughts on travel of a Tuesday regarding the contributions made by MICE programmes.

  1. We know that the purchasing power of organisations engaging in MICE programmes is exceptionally high but apart from the actual spend itself, the real impact can be felt…

Cost of Sales — Time to Lighten the Financial Burden

Three Thoughts on (MICE) Travel of a Tuesday

In post three of this series, it stated “more considered decisions will be taken on the how, where and at what cost businesses sell and market within the industry”. On this day September 15th 2020, here are three thoughts on travel of a Tuesday regarding sales in the MICE industry.

  1. Dare it be said? Well it needs to be said; the costs associated with how we sell in the MICE industry are too high and even more so when we consider the impact COVID-19 is having and will continue to have on…

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Walking along the beach today catching up with a friend and former professional within the MICE industry, we chatted about the current state of the industry, what the future may hold and what may need to be done by those of us in the industry to safeguard its viability. As Tuesday comes to a near close in Ireland, here are three thoughts on (MICE) travel of a Tuesday regarding “I’ll know when I’m finished writing what’s in my head”:

1.The effects of COVID-19 on the global MICE industry cannot be underestimated and so the role of advocacy comes to mind…

The Cologne Cathedral captured in a crystal ball by Vivien J-Dora

Three Thoughts on (MICE) Travel of a Tuesday

September 1st of each year represents, for me and I am sure many others, the ramping up of MICE business as people return from holidays and attention turns to upcoming MICE programmes. Hotels start to see the transition from leisure guests to corporate groups. September was often the most successful month of the year, revenue wise, based on my time working in hotels and DMCs. September 1st 2020 is a completely different situation as Grim Gretta remains an almost permanent presence for those of us in the MICE industry since the pandemic…

Travel as a Reward and Recognition Tool

Three Thoughts on (MICE) Travel of a Tuesday
Truth be told, I’m in a wee bit of a funk today. With each passing day, the timeline for the return of MICE business gets longer, seeing talented people without work takes its toll and watching businesses struggle to survive hacks away at my positivity and motivation but thankfully the many great people within this industry continue to put their best foot forward; keeping us connected and showing true grit as we exercise agility in all areas of our lives in order to survive and ultimately thrive. …

The Road Ahead Ken Lyons

Three Thoughts on (MICE) Travel of a Tuesday

Crystal balls abound as the global MICE industry comes to terms with the pandemic and considers the future outlook for all those involved in meetings, incentive travel, conferences and events. The Negative Nellys say its grim whilst the Positive Pollys see it as an opportunity. There is plenty to be taken from both Nelly and Polly. The following is based on future possibilities as opposed to the here and now since such meetings are not likely to take place at this stage of the pandemic. …

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A fast-paced lifestyle shaped by personal choices and my profession was never going to encourage me to stop and think about my purpose in life nor give me space to truly learn but the forced slowdown we are currently experiencing has and I am grateful to have been stopped and given this opportunity to think and learn.

This pause is building on the benefits enjoyed from a lifestyle change made in mid-August 2019; the decision to stop consuming alcohol. With a tendency to take an excessive approach to all that I do, the lifestyle I was leading was taking its…

Ken Lyons

Eternal student, desire to contribute & communicate, sober living, believer in the transformative power of travel, mindful consumer, appreciator of good design.

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